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Down To Earth 6-Pound Fish Bone Meal 7823

List price: $12.99

10 new available from $12.94.

Fish Bone Meal is a marine based alternative to traditional steamed Bone Meal and is wonderful for all flowering plants, trees and shrubs. A great source of Phosphorus and Calcium, Fish Bone Meal also contains a small amount of Nitrogen and is an ideal fertilizer for new garden beds, perennials and bulbs....

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Corona Razor Tooth Pruning Saw, 13 Inch Curved Blade, RS 7120

List price: $31.11

20 new available from $21.00.

For medium to large branches. 3-sided razor teeth for efficient cutting. Impulse-hardened teeth for long service life. Replaceable, 13 inch, curved blade. Tempered steel alloy. Cushioned, co-molded pistol-grip handle with finger hook....

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Mosquito Magnet LUREX3N - Lurex3 Attractant, 3-Pack

List price: $30.99

6 new available from $21.99.

The right attractant can turn your Mosquito Magnet into an even more powerful mosquito killing device. If you live in the Southern regions of the U.S. or in Hawaii, where the main types of biting insect pests include the day-biting Asian Tiger Mosquito and other mosquito species as well as no-see-ums and black flies, the Lurex3 Refill Twin Pack is an effective as well as economical way to ensure y...

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Victor The Black Box Gopher Trap 0625 - Reusable - Weather-Resistant

List price: $18.99

34 new & used available from $10.22.

When you see gopher holes popping up in your yard, you'll want to have one of these on hand. The Victor Black Box Gopher Trap effectively kills gophers without the use of chemicals or poisons. The chocker loop-style trap features weather-resistant plastic and galvanized steel construction for superior strength and durability. Additionally, each trap is easy to use thanks to its EASY-SET design. Th...

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Poulan Pro 960730023 Soft-Sided Grass Bagger for Poulan Pro 42-inch Riding Lawn Mowers

List price: $269.99

2 new available from $269.99.

This Poulan Pro Dual Bin Soft Side Bagger with 6 bushel capacity fits 42in.W deck lawn and garden tractors to make cleaning yard waste a breeze. Comes with upper and lower chutes as well as all required hardware. Fits Make: 2006 and later 42-in. cutting deck tractors, Material Type: Poly, Mount Type: Bracket, Mount Bracket Included: Yes, Application: Bagger, Compatible With: Craftsman, Husqvarna, ...

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Brussel's Live Golden Gate Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree - 4 Years Old; 5" to 8" Tall with Decorative Container

List price: $34.00

7 new available from $26.50.

There are over 600 species of Ficus, most of them tropical and evergreen. Ficus produces a unique "fruit" which is actually an inverted flower. Ficus is one of the most loved bonsai for many reasons. Ficus are one of the best varieties of Bonsai trees for indoors. They're very easy to take care of and need little attention. In the ficus family, the Golden Gate variety is the best for growing indoo...

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Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot ExtendableTree Pruning Stik Pruner (92406935K)

List price: $87.79

14 new available from $87.79.

Fiskars Pruning Stik Tree Pruner makes it easy to cut high or low with a level of control traditional pruners with exterior ropes can’t match. A long, lightweight pole lets you cut high branches without the hassles and dangers of using a ladder, make low cuts without sore knees from kneeling or back strain from bending and easily reach into dense, prickly shrubs or tight spots. For the reach you...

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Bully Tools 92309 12-Gauge 16-Inch Bow Rake with Fiberglass Handle and 16 Steel Tines, 58-Inch

List price: $36.74

8 new available from $36.28.

Bully Tools bow rakes feature extra thick 10 gauge steel. The connection to the handle is welded and will not separate. The triple wall fiberglass handle resists breakage while still being lightweight and easy to handle....

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No-Spill 206 Flexible Spout Extension

List price: $6.99

38 new available from $3.96.

Retains the closed No-Spill system which automatically stops flow when the fuel reaches the tip of the Spout Extension and still reclaims displaced fumes from the target tank while pouring....

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Miracle-Gro Quick Start Planting and Transplanting Starting Solution, 48-Ounce (Starter Plant Fertilizer)

List price: $11.09

27 new available from $9.48.

Give transplants the nutrients they need to thrive with the Miracle-Gro Quick Start Planting & Transplant Starting Solution. Simply mix the formula with water and apply to flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, transplants, and seedlings. The solution not only stimulates root growth for faster blooms compared to unfed plants, it also helps prevent transplant shock. Grow stronger plants with Miracle-G...

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