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Vogue Italia

1 new available from $20.24.

Moda, beauty, cultura. E poi viaggi, design, architettura, cinema. E ancora personaggi, eventi, news e curiosità. Il mondo di VOGUE Italia. Internazionale ed esclusivo. E insieme a VOGUE Italia potrà apprezzare anche i suoi splendidi supplementi....

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1 new available from $38.99.

Psychologies is the only women's glossy magazine that aims to address what we're really like, not just what we look like. ...

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OM Yoga UK Magazine

1 new available from $28.99.

Designed to inspire and to energise, OM magazine wants to help you enjoy a more active and rewarding life, drawing on the physical and mental disciplines of yoga, an ancient practice just as popular today as it was thousands of years ago. ...

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1 new available from $37.99.

Tatler is mischievous, glamorous, intelligent and fun and provides and insider's view of what is really happening in British society with a compelling mix of fashion, the arts politics, people, parties and glamour....

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The Lady Magazine

1 new available from $65.00.

In continuous publication since 1885 and widely respected as England's oldest weekly magazine for women, The Lady is celebrated both for the quality of its editorial pages and its classified advertisements.The Lady was founded in 1885 by Thomas Gibson Bowles.A feminine version of his earlier magazine, Vanity Fair (est.1868), The Lady comprised of articles documenting social news, housekeeping, fas...

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Women's Health South Africa

1 new available from $22.05.

Women's Health provides active, health-conscious women with a new and much-needed kind of magazine - one that's as smart and funny as they are; that's founded on diligent reporting, scientific research, and intimate, entertaining writing and that never underestimates its readers or seeks to intimidate them with false ideas about what makes women worthy of admiration. Don't expect same-old, boring ...

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Marie France

List price: $55.89

1 new available from $55.69.

Printed in French, Marie France is a women,s magazine with regular features on health, cosmetics, beauty, fashion, and exercise....

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List price: $24.00

1 new available from $24.00.

Covers the technical, business and management aspects of the nail-care industry, with emphasis on how to effectively build a nail salon business....

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Amelia - Sweden

List price: $151.50

1 new available from $150.34.

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Marie Claire Idées

1 new available from $12.38.

Vous avez toutes du talent ! Riche, esthétique et résolument féminin, Marie Claire Idées propose des idées tendances et uniques pour tous les tempéraments créatifs qui souhaitent personnaliser leur décoration, cuisiner avec inventivité et customiser leur mode. ...

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