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Seventeen is a general service magazine for young women emphasizing fashion, beauty and lifestyle information, including health, food, careers, relationships, sports and entertainment....

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J-14 stands for Just For Teens. An exciting, interesting teen magazine for girls. Features articles, celebrity interviews with pictures, movies and TV show reviews and the latest fashion....

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Girls' Life

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The perfect magazine for girls 10 and up. Friends, advice, quizzes, fashion, ideas, celebs, self-esteem. Five-time Parents Choice Award winner!...

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Justine Magazine

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Justine stands out from all the rest of today's teen 'zines, as she accentuates the positive aspects of teens through uplifting and interesting content in a non-offensive manner while featuring affordable fashion and beauty geared to real teens....

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Alternative Press

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Story Monsters Ink is an award-winning magazine that gives kids, parents, and educators the latest news on debut books and products, celebrity and independent author profiles, book reviews, recipes, activities and more! Each issue also features a reading guide, a Spanish-language column, a science and nature column, and even a special kids column where we publish articles, poems, and drawings subm...

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Cicada is a magazine for teenagers and young adults offering high-quality fiction and poetry dealing with the issues of growing up, leaving the joys and pains of childhood behind, and becoming an adult. It is filled with enough different ideas, styles, and subjects to please any intelligent reader....

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Monster High

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StyleWatch takes you on a fast and entertaining shopping trip through the hottest trends, newest beauty looks and latest celebrity styles. With inspiring choices at perfect prices, StyleWatch makes it easy to shop smart, feel good and look your best!...

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CosmoGIRL! (1-year)

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Geo Ado

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