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Birds & Blooms

List price: $27.93

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America's #1 bird and garden magazine brings beautiful yards, gardens and wild birds into your living room with full-color photos, reader-shared stories. You'll love the practical gardening advice, tips and fun family projects....

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Bee Culture

List price: $23.50

1 new available from $20.00.

For big and small beekeepers. Covers issues relevant to beekeepers from honey plants to honey market reports....

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List price: $49.90

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Simply written and beautifully illustrated. Each monthly issue "captures" one of 60 different animals through magnificent photography, illustrations, diagrams, descriptions and includes interactive activity pages. Kids get "up close and personal" with the world's most amazing creatures....

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Horse Illustrated

List price: $47.88

1 new available from $11.00.

Your complete source to help your better care for and enjoy your horse. Get important information about healthcare, nutrition and behavior, tips on grooming and training, and in-depth profiles of different breeds. Readers also get expert advice on how to improve riding skills....

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Young Rider

List price: $29.94

1 new available from $19.97.

Packed with features, facts, photos, and fun stuff about horses and ponies. Kids learn about horse health, grooming tips, interesting breeds and famous horses, show-ring secrets, and how to improve their riding skills. Plus, there are celebrity rider interviews and posters to collect in each issue....

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List price: $29.94

1 new available from $19.99.

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Horse & Rider

List price: $59.88

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In every issue of Horse & Rider you'll find articles on training by the country's leading experts, the latest on equine health care from top veterinarians, trail riding tips from savvy back country riders, and much more!...

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Countryside & Small Stock Journal

List price: $23.70

1 new available from $19.99.

Countryside - the magazine of modern homesteading - is written for those that are actively involved in their country lifestyles. The publication features many articles covering every aspect of hobby farming and self-reliant living....

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The Bark

List price: $23.96

1 new available from $18.00.

The Bark delivers a smart mix of health, behavior and activities; plus invaluable news and entertaining stories. Hailed the coolest dog magazine ever, its renowned experts/writers probe the delights of dogs. As its slogan - Dog is My Co-Pilot - proclaims, it is the indispensable guide to life with dogs....

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Modern Dog

List price: $23.80

1 new available from $16.00.

Modern Dog is the lifestyle magazine for urban dogs and their companions. The glossy, high-end magazine features expert advice, dog-friendly travel destinations, full fashion spreads, the latest accessories for your pooch and what's new in the doggie world....

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