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La Settimana Enigmistica

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A well-known Italian magazine that features crossword puzzles, vocabulary tests, cartoons, and a variety of other linguistic brain-teasers. Printed in the Italian language....

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Paris Match

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Reviews and editorials, original papers, short communications, and reports on recent advances in the entire field of trace elements....

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Stern : Das Deutsche Magazin

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Stern is Germany's most popular news weekly. It is renowned for it's journalistic perspective and pictorial coverage. The plus area of the magazine focuses on a different theme each week and offers readers useful and informative content from several different perspectives....

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Cuisine Et Vins De France

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Printed in French, Cuisine Et Vins De France features dozens of recipes in each issue along with articles on wine, cheese, appetizers, table decorations, and how to grown and use fresh ingredients from the garden....

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Letras Libres

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Journal of Palestine Studies

List price: $69.00

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The Journal of Palestine Studies, the only North American journal devoted exclusively to Palestinian affairs and the Arab-Israeli conflict, brings you timely and comprehensive information on the region's political, religious, and cultural concerns. Inside you'll find: Feature articles, Interviews, Book reviews, Quarterly updates on conflict and diplomacy, settlement monitor, Detailed chronologie...

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Les Nouvelles Esthetiques - American Edition

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