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The most informative, comprehensive and beautiful English-language magazine covering France is truly "the next best thing to being there." Published bimonthly....

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Paris Match

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Reviews and editorials, original papers, short communications, and reports on recent advances in the entire field of trace elements....

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Marie Claire Idees

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Marie Claire Idees focuses on fashion and beauty issues, career success, and each issue includes easy-to-follow instructions for a wide range of crafts and projects. Published in the French language....

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Vogue - French Edition

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The French edition of Vogue covers fashion, beauty, health, fitness, travel, entertainment and other areas of interest to today's woman. It also includes profiles and interviews with the top models and designers in Europe....

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Vogue - British Edition

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Filled with the lastest in fashion, style and beauty....

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Hello! Magazine

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Page after page of exclusive interviews, reports and the latest news delivered direct to your tablet every week....

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Fitness His Edition

1 new available from $22.57.

Muscle Evolution's Fitness His Edition magazine covers all aspects of the men's health and fitness lifestyle with dedicated weight training features that delve into everything related to gym-based training, as well as various sporting codes and the related training modalities. Fitness His Edition also covers health and fitness product news, trends and techniques, as well as expert nutritional and ...

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Vogue UK

1 new available from $29.99.

No other magazines combine beauty, style, glamour, design, fashion and contemporary culture in such an inspiring mix. VOGUE employs the most talented photographers, stylists, writers and editors to fill the pages each month with new trends, controversial images and challenging ideas...

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Elle - Swedish ed

List price: $127.64

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Swedish language edition of Elle magazine. The same specific core values : stylish, sexy, spirited. An unbeatable blend of beauty, fashion, seduction and imagination. The ultimate women's magazine close to all major socio-cultural trends....

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Collezioni Trends

List price: $182.92

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The most comprehensive preview of raw materials plus all the major textiles fairs. Up and coming trends in yarns, fabrics and accessories grouped together and then described separately under the headings of colours, yarns, wools, fabrics, prints and profiles....

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