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Popular Mechanics

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Popular Mechanics is for people who have a passion to know how things work. It's about how the latest advances in science and technology will impact your home, your car, consumer electronics, computers, even your health. Popular Mechanics - answers for curious minds....

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The Absolute Sound

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Acoustic Guitar

List price: $71.88

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Written by and for musicians. Covers a variety of musical styles and includes transcriptions from recordings and solo pieces for guitar....

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Bass Player

List price: $71.88

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Bass Player magazine is written for serious musicians who play electric and acoustic bass. Each issue of Bass Player magazine features technique how-to articles, musician interviews and reviews of equipment, instructional videos, books and CDs....

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Fretboard Journal

List price: $39.80

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The Fretboard Journal is a publication like no other: a coffee-table style magazine written specifically for players, collectors, and builders of guitars, banjos, mandolins, and ukuleles. In each quarterly issue, The Fretboard Journal celebrates the innovators of the music world and the tools they use, acoustic and electric, weird and collectible. You'll find famous musicians interviewing other fa...

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Iphone Life

List price: $15.97

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iPhone Life Magazine When you own an iPhone or iPad, you are a member of a close-knit and elite community. When you want to be at the forefront of that community, you subscribe to iPhone Life magazine. This bimonthly publication focuses on the iPhone, iPad, accessories, apps, and reviews. Each issue is chock-full of interesting articles, reviews, and product information. For the best in tips and...

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Everyday Practical Electronics

List price: $107.51

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Packed with ideas, theory and projects for you to build - using class-leading drawings and illustrations, with full circuit diagrams, p.c.b. layouts, artwork and photos....

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Modern Drummer

List price: $29.97

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Caters to the needs of amateur, semi-pro, and professional drummers through interviews with the world s best drummers. MD also reports on trends, activities, drum products, publications, and recordings. A roster of over 35 educational departments offers readers playing tips and advice....

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List price: $136.00

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Each issue of Guitarist contains insightful artist interviews and features with world famous guitar players. We also offer in-depth guitar, amp and effects reviews, plus playing technique guitar lessons with TAB. There are also a whole host of regulars including technical advice on guitar equipment, guitar music reviews and more.We offer everything you need to help inform your buying choices, lear...

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Total Guitar

List price: $121.00

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Total Guitar is an interactive guitar magazine. Every issue brings songs to learn, with CD audio to help you play along, reviews of all the latest guitar equipment, and interviews with all the biggest names in the guitar world!...

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