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Brides will give you even more fresh and unique ideas on how to plan the wedding of your dreams. You'll find more dazzling dresses for every bride's budget and style, new creative tips for planning the perfect reception, the latest ideas for a romantic honeymoon, plus lots of other essential info! It's a must-have guide for the newly engaged!...

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Bridal Guide

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Bridal Guide addresses all the needs of engaged couples - from the latest news in fashion and beauty to the best registry items and hottest honeymoon destinations. It's committed to helping brides and grooms have their dream wedding on a practical budget....

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Hawaii Bride & Groom

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Hawaii Bride & Groom is the only complete guide to planning a wedding in the Hawaiian Islands. The magazine features useful information of destination weddings and island wedding customs, while showcasing Hawaii's best professionals, so that you can plan the Hawaii wedding of your dreams!!...

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Brides - UK

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Weddings Unveiled

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Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes magazine features information and full dress photographs of a wide variety of cakes by leading designers from around the world....

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Latino Bride & Groom

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A publication that understands a wedding should be as unforgettable and unique as the couple getting married. LATINO BRIDE&GROOM will inspire you and within the pages of our magazine, we will bring you a powerful ensemble of fresh ideas, expert advice, and a complete resource guide....

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Jacki Allens Kentucky Bride

Kentucky Bride launched in 2008 by wedding and event planners Jacki Allen and Jaimeson Gann, is the state s only award-winning bridal magazine. From the latest in bridal attire to life after the wedding, Kentucky Bride provides couples with the resources needed to plan their dream wedding....

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New Bride Plus

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