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Holiday Inn [Blu-ray]

List price: $12.96

16 new & used available from $11.99.

Screen legends Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire sing and dance their way into your heart in one of the most timeless holiday classics ever, Holiday Inn. Featuring the Academy Award-winning song, "White Christmas," Crosby plays a song-and dance man who leaves showbiz to run an inn that is open only on holidays. Astaire plays his former partner and rival in love. Follow the two talented pals as they fin...

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Meet Me in St. Louis

List price: $2.99

1 new available from $2.99.

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Lawrence Of Arabia

List price: $9.99

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Andy Williams: Best of Christmas

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Rear Window

List price: $4.99

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The Apartment (Limited Edition) [Blu-ray]

List price: $49.95

1 new available from $22.92.

In 1960, following on from the success of their collaboration on Some Like it Hot, director Billy Wilder (Ace in the Hole, Sunset Boulevard) reteamed with actor Jack Lemmon (The Odd Couple, Glengarry Glen Ross) for what many consider the pinnacle of their respective careers: The Apartment. C.C. ''Bud'' Baxter (Lemmon) is a lowly Manhattan office drone with a lucrative sideline in renting out his a...

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Gone with the Wind (Two Disc 70th Anniversary Edition)

List price: $12.97

60 new & used available from $7.61.

Period romance. War epic. Family saga. Popular fiction adapted with crowd-pleasing brilliance. Star acting aglow with charisma and passion. Moviemaking craft at its height. These are sublimely joined in the words Gone with the Wind. This dynamic and durable screen entertainment of the Civil War-era South comes home with the renewed splendor of a New 70th-Anniversary Digital Transfer capturing a hi...

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John Wayne: An Innocent Man (In Color)

List price: $7.99

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The Towering Inferno

List price: $3.99

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Home Again (DVD)

List price: $29.98

1 new available from $17.96.

Recently separated from her husband, Alice (Reese Witherspoon) decides to start over by moving back to her hometown of Los Angeles with her two young daughters. During a night out on her 40th birthday, Alice meets three aspiring filmmakers who happen to be in need of a place to live. Alice agrees to let the guys stay in her guest house temporarily, but the arrangement ends up unfolding in unexpect...

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