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Clouds Remember

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Basic Wiring (Home Repair and Improvement, Updated Series)

List price: $14.95

89 new, used & collectible available from $41.83.

BASIC WIRING Basic Wiring shows you how to repair or extend our home's electrical wiring - with the latest techniques and materials, step-by-step directions, safety advice, and hundreds of color illustrations. Learn the methods the professionals use so you can... • Decorate in style with track or recessed lighting • Replace plugs and add new outlets • Update incandescent and fluorescent ligh...

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Commercial Electrical Wiring

List price: $36.50

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Most electricians want to move up through the ranks of the profession. Many of them dream of commercial electrical work were the jobs are long and well-paying. This books provides the knowledge to help get there.Commercial electrical work is also more complex and deals with plans, diagrams, and schematics that may be unfamiliar to the residential electrician. This book explains, in simple terms, w...

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Repair and Tune-Up Guide, Chevrolet GMC Vans 1967-84

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Road to the 707: The Inside Story of Designing the 707

List price: $19.95

18 new & used available from $52.71.

This book outlines the critical engineering discoveries leading to the jet transport age - from observations of birds in flight to modern jet transports. Starting with the Wright Brothers, it traces a path to the Boeing XB-47 swept-wing jet bomber, ending with the first generation of commercial jet transports: the Comet, the Convair 990, the DC-8, and the 707....

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A Textbook of Electrical Technology in S.I. Units, Vol. 1: Basic Electrical Engineering

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Chilton's repair & tune-up guide, Datsun, Nissan Z, & ZX, 1970-84: All U.S. and Canadian models of 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX, 280ZX Turbo, 300ZX, 300ZX Turbo

List price: $530.71

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Repair and Tune-up Guide for the A.M.X. and Javelin

List price: $210.07

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Heathkit Educational Systems Microprocessors Book 1 & Book 2

List price: $226.82

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Chilton Repair Manual Toyota Trucks 1970-88

List price: $18.95

35 new & used available from $39.01.

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