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Honey Pass That Around [VHS]

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Maurice [VHS]

List price: $29.88

10 new, used & collectible available from $29.88.

E.M. Forster's provocative 1914 novel, published posthumously in 1971, is brought to the screen by director James Ivory in this beautifully photographed film. Set in pre-World War I England, the film concerns the coming of age of two young men who meet at Cambridge University and fall in love. Maurice (James Wilby, who played Anthony Hopkins's son, Charles Wilcox, in REMAINS OF THE DAY) and Clive ...

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Victor Victoria [VHS]

List price: $6.95

27 new, used & collectible available from $2.96.

Blake Edwards tones down the broadly farcical style that is his signature with this sly musical comedy starring Julie Andrews as British entertainer Victoria Grant. She and an older friend, gay impresario Toddy (Robert Preston), are close to starvation in 1930s Paris. Desperate for work, he changes her image, introducing her to the cabaret world as Polish female impersonator Victor/Victoria. Victo...

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Personal Best [VHS]

List price: $8.95

14 new, used & collectible available from $8.95.

It takes a lot to win. This movie is usually considered a classic of lesbian cinema, and that's too bad: its true sensuality lies in powerful erotic associations with running and the sheer pain of competition. The film opens with a memorable close-up of sweat dripping on tarmac, an early glimpse of a visual style which evolves throughout the picture into almost pornographic slow-motion sequences o...

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Pink Narcissus [VHS]

List price: $18.54

4 new & used available from $11.95.

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Farewell My Concubine [VHS]

List price: $4.99

34 new, used & collectible available from $3.48.

Critically acclaimed as one of the best films of the year, this seductive, award-winning triumph captivated moviegoers the world over. It's the compelling tale of two lifelong friends unexpectedly caught in a passionate love triangle with the woman who comes between them! Academy Award(R)-nominated, FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE (1993 -- Best Foreign Language Film) earned the Golden Globe as Best Foreign ...

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La Cage aux Folles II [VHS]

List price: $1.69

21 new, used & collectible available from $1.69.

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Caress of the Vampire [VHS]

List price: $8.99

11 new, used & collectible available from $3.99.

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Heavenly Creatures [VHS]

List price: $9.95

16 new, used & collectible available from $4.90.

A starkly original film-going experience based on a true life story, this film from New Zealand director Peter Jackson (Dead Alive, The Frighteners) is a stirring drama that offers up the unexpected. The story concerns two girls, outcasts who become best friends, whose bizarre fantasy life becomes more intense as their bond becomes increasingly more obsessive. When the mother of one of the girls t...

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Ma Vie En Rose (My Life in Pink) [VHS]

List price: $14.50

20 new, used & collectible available from $14.50.

One of the sweetest films to emerge from Europe in the 1990s, Alain Berliner's Ma Vie en Rose is the story of an innocent little boy, Ludovic (played with noncloying directness by Georges Du Fresne), who wants to be a girl. Convinced that he's the product of misplaced chromosomes (he imagines the mix-up in one of many delightful daydream sequences), he sets about righting the mistake by wearing dr...

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