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Under Heat [VHS]

7 new & used available from $245.84.

Begins with a quick look at the evolution of the GG-1 locomotive,Narration is excellent, providing a solid, historical base, upon to build the story of the GG1.Time Period: 1905- 1982 Locations: New York City, Washington D.C. corridor, Wilmington Shops, more...

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La Cage Aux Folles 3 - The Wedding [VHS]

List price: $19.98

12 new & used available from $14.85.

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Happy Birthday Gemini [VHS]

List price: $14.95

4 new & used available from $19.99.

This routine drama-comedy about the trials of walking out of the closet has some notable performances such as that of Madeleine Kahn as a salty, warm-hearted, and terribly promiscuous neighbor, and Robert Viharo as an outgoing father. Francis Geminiani (Alan Rosenberg) has a romance going with Judith (Sarah Holcomb) until he drops her after a few nights of intimacy. Besieged by guilt and misgiving...

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Art of Cruising Men [VHS]

List price: $29.95

5 new & used available from $214.83.

GLB Director Peter Litton An outrageous look at the history of men on the make. Two holographic characters take us on a tour through history from the caveman to the 90's bar clone....

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Flaming Ears (Rote Ohren fetzen durch Asche) [VHS]

List price: $39.95

2 new & used available from $199.34.

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Female Trouble [VHS]

List price: $34.95

4 new & used available from $34.95.

John Waters expands the definition of female trouble in this mutant tribute to good-girl-gone-bad drive-in melodramas. The girl is, of course, cross-dressing cult icon Divine, Waters's plus-sized muse. Divine is at her most gleefully outrageous as teenage brat Dawn Davenport, who runs away from home and into a life of wanton hedonism all because she didn't get cha-cha heels for Christmas. Almost i...

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Norman Is That You [VHS]

List price: $14.98

7 used & collectible available from $27.76.

Talk about dated: This limp 1976 comedy, based on a flop Broadway play, deals with a pair of middle-aged African-American parents (Redd Foxx and Pearl Bailey), who are aghast to discover that their window-dresser son (Michael Warren) is gay and are ready to disown him for it. Though it's still a viable subject, it's treated here with a smirky sense that homosexuality is some kind of dirty joke. Wh...

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Love & Death on Long Island [VHS]

List price: $2.85

25 new, used & collectible available from $1.00.

British novelist Giles De'Ath, a stuffy man who is completely oblivious to modern life and technologies, gets locked out of his house and settles for a visit to the cinema. Instead of the E.M. Forster adaptation that he intended to view, he is shocked to discover that he accidentally purchased a ticket to "Hotpants College 2." But before he can flee the theatre, he becomes mesmerized by the appear...

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The Women on the Roof [VHS]

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Extramuros [VHS]

List price: $19.95

4 new & used available from $202.78.

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