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Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit [VHS]

7 new & used available from $103.50.

Who could not love a coming of age story in which the teenage heroine faces her emerging homosexuality, all the while facing down evangelical missionary parents? Especially parents unable to grasp her defiant sense of humor? The joy in this unusual British coming-of-age tale is the universality of her problems, even if her circumstances are highly unusual. As the defiant and sexually aggressive yo...

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Under Heat [VHS]

List price: $19.95

6 new & used available from $245.84.

Begins with a quick look at the evolution of the GG-1 locomotive,Narration is excellent, providing a solid, historical base, upon to build the story of the GG1.Time Period: 1905- 1982 Locations: New York City, Washington D.C. corridor, Wilmington Shops, more...

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Withnail & I [VHS]

11 new, used & collectible available from $7.95.

A corrosively funny, semiautobiographical account by writer-director Bruce Robinson (How to Get Ahead in Advertising) about a couple of destitute roommates, young actors living in drunken squalor in 1969, the twilight days of swingin' London. Withnail (the astounding Richard E. Grant in a definitive performance) is a kind of depraved, modern-day Oscar Wilde, but without the money or the manners. T...

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Looking for Langston [VHS]

6 used available from $7.00.

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As Is [VHS]

List price: $19.98

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Original 1986 Brandon Productions / Karl-Lorimar Home Video release - slip case and VHS tape...

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Totally F***Ed Up [VHS]

List price: $5.99

2 used available from $125.99.

Director Gregg Araki looks at disaffected LA youth as a group of six teenagers try to cope with the difficulties of adolescence, their sexual identities, homophobia, and the search for love. The strong, emotional performances by the principles succeed in playing against gay stereotypes while echoing universal themes....

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Flaming Ears (Rote Ohren fetzen durch Asche) [VHS]

List price: $39.95

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La Cage Aux Folles 3 - The Wedding [VHS]

List price: $19.98

13 new & used available from $12.00.

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Dog Day Afternoon [VHS]

List price: $9.99

6 new, used & collectible available from $9.99.

A gripping true crime yarn, a juicy slice of overheated New York atmosphere, and a splendid showcase for its young actors, Dog Day Afternoon is a minor classic of the 1970s. The opening montage of New York street life (set to Elton John's lazy "Amoreena") establishes the oppressive mood of a scorching afternoon in the city with such immediacy that you can almost smell the garbage baking in the sun...

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Norman Is That You [VHS]

List price: $14.98

4 used & collectible available from $29.96.

Talk about dated: This limp 1976 comedy, based on a flop Broadway play, deals with a pair of middle-aged African-American parents (Redd Foxx and Pearl Bailey), who are aghast to discover that their window-dresser son (Michael Warren) is gay and are ready to disown him for it. Though it's still a viable subject, it's treated here with a smirky sense that homosexuality is some kind of dirty joke. Wh...

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