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In & Out [VHS]

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77 new, used & collectible available from $0.60. Review: When a Hollywood heartthrob (Matt Dillon, playing a Brad Pitt look-alike) "outs" his small-town high-school drama teacher Howard Brackett (Kevin Kline) during the Oscar telecast, the entire (fictional) town of Greenleaf, Indiana, wonders if Howard's really gay. More to the point, Howard wonders, too--quite a dilemma considering his pending marriage to Emily (Joan Cusack), who's...

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Beautiful Thing [VHS]

List price: $7.99

22 new, used & collectible available from $7.99.

This absolute winner, based on a stage play by Jonathan Harvey and adapted by him, is a kind of enchanted, urban slice-of-life tale about a gay teen, Jamie (Glen Berry), who is in love with the boy next door, Ste (Scott Neal). Hampering Jamie's progress on the romantic front is his fear that his mother (Linda Henry) will find out, as well as concern over complicating Ste's existing problems. Beaut...

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Maurice [VHS]

List price: $29.87

10 new, used & collectible available from $29.86.

E.M. Forster's provocative 1914 novel, published posthumously in 1971, is brought to the screen by director James Ivory in this beautifully photographed film. Set in pre-World War I England, the film concerns the coming of age of two young men who meet at Cambridge University and fall in love. Maurice (James Wilby, who played Anthony Hopkins's son, Charles Wilcox, in REMAINS OF THE DAY) and Clive ...

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Looking for Langston [VHS]

7 used available from $8.00.

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Mixed Nuts [VHS]

List price: $4.98

24 new & used available from $4.98.

Writer-director Nora Ephron hit a low point with this disappointingly dreary comedy set in a suicide clinic on Christmas Eve. The joke is supposed to be that all of the crisis counselors are themselves a pack of lovable losers, led by a badly toupeed Steve Martin. But it's a short step from lovable loser to annoying dweeb and most of the people in this movie cross that line very quickly. It's too ...

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Midnight Cowboy [VHS]

List price: $3.48

18 new, used & collectible available from $2.98.

The first, and only, X-rated film to win a best picture Academy Award, John Schlesinger's Midnight Cowboy seems a lot less daring today (and has been reclassified as an R), but remains a fascinating time capsule of late-1960s sexual decadence in mainstream American cinema. In a career-making performance, Jon Voight plays Joe Buck, a naive Texas dishwasher who goes to the big city (New York) to mak...

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Just One Time [VHS]

List price: $5.85

9 new, used & collectible available from $5.85.

Firefighter Anthony is about to marry his dream girl Amy. His problem - he can't stop thinking about his fantasy of seeing her with another woman. A comedy about love, trust and happiness, and a tale about one couple's attempt to turn fantasy into reality. Color, Stereo, Rated R, Approximate Running Time 94 Minutes....

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X Y & Zee [VHS]

List price: $11.99

15 new & used available from $11.95.

The quintessence of '70s dreck, albeit with one and a half feet stuck in the '60s. Swinging London was already a faded memory in 1972 (and the spectacle of Dame Margaret Leighton in a see-through blouse did nothing to inspire nostalgia for it). More to the point, the consider-the-possibilities algebra of the title and the central casting of Liz Taylor as Zee, a game-playing virago of a wife, sugge...

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The Garden [VHS]

5 used & collectible available from $2.83.

A lyrical, controversial recreation of the story of The Passion, which examines the role of the Church in the persecution of homosexuality....

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Stolen Moments [VHS]

3 new & used available from $245.84.

In this touching documentary, Margaret Wescott attempts to give voice to lesbian culture as it has existed throughout the Western world, from the time of Sappho to the present day. This is a daunting task, but one that is managed successfully by informed narration and the candid stories of lesbians from San Francisco, New York, Montreal, Vancouver, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam. The film begins on...

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