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A Week With Raquel: 7-Day Wake Up and Shape-Up Program, 15 Minutes A Day [VHS]

List price: $19.99

4 used available from $42.98.

This video is the follow-up to Raquel's "Total Beauty and Fitness" video. Her philosophy is that we all lead busy lives and it's difficult to spend 90 minutes in exercise, so she provides a different 15-minute exercise routine for each day of the week incorporating yoga techniques....

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Twin Peaks: Episodes 1-29 [VHS]

14 new, used & collectible available from $92.49.

The slipcase holding the boxes with the 6 VHS cassettes is rubbed a little at the corners but the boxes and cassettes themselves are like-new, apparently little-handled or viewed. ISBN 1-56335-378-4....

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The Ponder Heart [VHS]

List price: $19.98

4 new & used available from $195.95.

Uncle Daniel Ponder, blessed with a loving heart, not much common sense, and the riches of Croesus, throws his southern hometown into an uproar in this adaptation of Eudora Welty's prize-winning comic novel. Peter MacNicol stars as Daniel, heir of the richest family in Clay County, Mississippi. His penchant for giving away his possession--from heirloom watches to the family filling station--border...

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Teletubbies - Nursery Rhymes [VHS]

List price: $12.95

36 new, used & collectible available from $19.74.

More imaginative and fun entertainment from the Teletubbies. Children will play and laugh with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po as they bring everyone's favorite nursery rhymes to life. This charming series created especially for 1 year old's and up has managed to appeal to both young and old in a way that has captured the nation. Teletubbies: Nursery Rhymes will delight and thrill fans everywhe...

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Elmo's World - Wake Up With Elmo [VHS]

List price: $9.98

19 new, used & collectible available from $14.00.

USED: Sony Sesame Street Elmo's World Wake Up With Elmo VHS VideoTape. Video box torn. Does not affect tape.* BRAND/SYSTEM = Sony* VIDEO TYPES = Non-Feature: Cartoon* CONDITION = Visible Wear: USED* VIDEO LENGTH = 50 min* VIDEO RATING = NR* AVAILABILITY = In Stock* SHIPS WITHIN = 1-2 DaysITEM ID: 162422CATEGORY: VCR...

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The Love Bug [VHS]

List price: $14.99

7 new & used available from $62.36.

Brand new "The Love Bug" VHS. Walt Disney Video. Unopened....

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Blue's Clues - Arts & Crafts [VHS]

List price: $9.95

19 used & collectible available from $5.95.

If the phrase "Blue scadoo, we can, too" means anything to you, and you know that salt and pepper are actually a married couple with French accents, you probably have a potential consumer of this 50-minute video residing in your household. During two 25-minute segments, our host Steve and his animated dog Blue together serve as a Martha Stewart for preschoolers by showing them how to make a stage-...

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Pee-Wee's Playhouse Vol. 1-8 Gift Set [VHS]

20 new, used & collectible available from $17.99.

Carefully Maintained. Some tapes never used. Others only used once. Very Clean. Sharp Corners on cases. No Wear or Tears....

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Teletubbies - Favorite Things [VHS]

List price: $12.95

20 new & used available from $20.98.

After conquering its native shores, the surreal British children's series TELETUBBIES travelled across the pond to charm American audiences with the playful yet educational adventures of four vibrantly colored, costumed puppets with television screens on their tummies. As Teletubbies Dipsy, Po, Laa-Laa, and Tinky Winky frolic and coo in a pastoral fantasyland dominated by a baby-faced sun, the ser...

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Blue's Clues - Story Time [VHS]

List price: $9.95

11 used & collectible available from $9.00.

Finally, parents will have something to pop in the VCR when their hopelessly addicted tots ask for a hit of the blue dog during one of the many hours it's not actually playing on television. This 50-minute video contains two segments that touch on several traditional tales, but focus on "The Three Little Pigs" and "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." There's a little Elvis humor for the adults, but m...

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