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The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century [VHS]

List price: $99.98

5 new & used available from $499.95.

As this landmark series demonstrates, the cataclysmic effects of World War I last to this day. "The war to end all wars" has influenced the Atomic Age and the Cold War, and is now shaping the conflicts in Bosnia and the Middle East. Period film footage and eyewitness accounts powerfully dramatize the horrors of trench warfare and the chaos of political revolution. History comes alive as The Great ...

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WWF: Supertape, Vol. 2 [VHS]

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WWF: Fully Loaded 1999 [VHS]

List price: $19.98

9 new & used available from $59.99.

This event lives up to its name! Never before in Federation history has more been on the line. Is first blood thicker than water? Who will be the #1 contender? Who will get the rights to DX? Five titles up for grabs, as well as the end of an era. Approx. 3 hours....

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UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) XXII - Only One Can Be Champion [VHS]

List price: $18.99

2 new & used available from $18.99.

Tito Ortiz and Frank Shamrock square off in a Main Event Middleweight Championship that will elave y ou in traction! Plus five other bouts from Lightweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight hard-hitters including Ron Waterman, Brad Kohler and Jeremy Horn. 119 minutes....

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WWF: Stone Cold - Six-Pack of Attitude [VHS]

List price: $30.00

1 new available from $30.00.

Stone Cold: Six-Pack of Attitude includes five videotapes and one T-shirt: Stone Cold Steve Austin: Lord of the Ring He works for a billion-dollar business--banging heads and busting chops. His co-workers like and admire him. He is a merchandising money-making machine. His actions and words are part of the pop culture landscape and lexicon. Stone Cold Steve Austin's story told from the beginning--...

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Jett Jackson: The Movie [VHS]

5 used & collectible available from $25.41.

Uncut Slipcover Release from a Private Collection (NOT an Ex-Rental)! *NOT ON DVD!* Rare, OOP, and HTF! Ships IMMEDIATELY via USPS!...

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Gleaming the Cube [VHS]

List price: $14.98

11 new, used & collectible available from $68.95.

CASSETTE ONLY! No Slipcover Included, Sadly. Ships IMMEDIATELY in Generic Plastic Rental Case....

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The Incredibles [VHS]

List price: $29.99

9 new, used & collectible available from $198.99.

A family of undercover superheroes, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world....

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1997 Tour De France Man For The Millenium (2 VHS Set)

1 used available from $73.66.

Two tape set of the 1997 Tour de France with the title going to the little guy, Marco Pantani....

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UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) - Return of the Champions XXI [VHS]

5 new & used available from $10.98.

Intense Middleweight bouts include NCAA champion wrestler Royce 'the Farmer" Alger and Jeremy Horn. Rookie Andre Pederneiras takes his chances with Lightweight Champion Pat "the Croatian Sensation" Miletich as he defends his second title. Then the Main Event heats up when former Heavyweight Champion Maurice Smith and UFC VII Champion Marco Ruas return to face each other in the Octagon. 119 minutes...

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