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Military War

Winston Churchill/Ike

2 used available from $59.95.

The stories of two men of courage and leadership and of their roles in our century's pivotal events, told in their own words by two distinguished actors. Contains dramatic portraits of two world leaders- Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower. Winston Churchill stars Robert Hardy as the British Prime Minister who helped lead England through WWII. Set in 1946 in a hall somewhere in America, Church...

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Navy Seal Team Hand-To-Hand Combat Training Volume 1

3 used & collectible available from $29.95.

In this dynamic tape, Seal Team Instructor, Frank Cucci personally teaches you the stances, footwork, combat punching techniques, equipment training, and numerous defensive combat techniques of his lethal self-defense system....

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When Hell Broke Loose [VHS]

5 new & used available from $17.99.

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The Civil War - A Film by Ken Burns (Boxed Set) [VHS]

List price: $15.82

36 new, used & collectible available from $10.83.

Hailed as a documentary masterpiece without parallel, Ken Burns' filmed chronicle of America's most terrible and destructive conflict will hold you in thrall as it portrays the strategies and action of the war's famous battles, and tells the stories of illustrious generals and ordinary field soldiers, politicians and rogues, heroes and a beleaguered President. Winner of two Emmy Awards, the ser...

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Court Martial of Jackie Robinson [VHS]

List price: $9.98

8 new, used & collectible available from $16.99.

This made-for-TV film covers the early life of the future baseball star. Young college athelethe Jackie Robinson learned early on not to bow his head to racist attacks. When he is drafted in World War II and stationed at a small-town Texas training camp, this trait gets him into trouble. Jackie is brought forward on a court-martial for insubordination when he refuses the orders of a white bus driv...

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The African Queen [VHS]

List price: $2.98

127 new, used & collectible available from $1.00.

One of Bogey's best movie. If you are a Bogey fan, then you want this movie for your collection....

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Midway [VHS]

List price: $9.98

93 new, used & collectible available from $0.50.

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Casablanca [VHS]

List price: $4.98

61 new, used & collectible available from $1.50.

In Casablanca in December 1941, a cynical American expatriate encounters a former lover, with unforeseen complications....

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The Sound of Music [VHS]

List price: $2.15

251 new, used & collectible available from $2.15.

Eggshell case NM-. VHS Tape NM. . On sale for the Holiday Shopping Season....

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Rescuers: Stories of Courage - Two Couples [VHS]

List price: $9.95

2 used available from $13.95.

Two couples show remarkable strength, courage, and compassion when they open their hearts and homes to strangers during the Holocaust. Contains two 1-hour stories: "Aart and Joht Je Vos" and "Marie Taquet." Features an on-camera introduction by Barbra Streisand....

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