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Pink Flamingos (25th Anniversary Edition) [VHS]

12 new, used & collectible available from $15.95.

This is the movie that made John Waters famous, and quite possibly the film that made bad taste cool. Yes, Virginia, a large transvestite actually eats dog feces as a kind of dizzying denouement to this frequently illogical and intentionally disgusting movie, but by the time that happens, you're already numb ... and you've possibly laughed to the point of losing bladder control. The plot revolves...

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Naked Lunch [VHS]

List price: $12.99

18 new, used & collectible available from $12.99.

You are now entering Interzone, William S. Burroughs's phantasmagorical land of junk, paranoia, and crawly things. Best travel advice: "Exterminate all rational thought." In David Cronenberg's superbly shot, unnerving warp on the Burroughs novel, the novelist himself becomes a main character (played in an implacable monotone by Peter Weller), with elements from Burroughs' life--including the shoot...

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Common Ground [VHS]

List price: $14.95

4 new & used available from $49.99.

In Common Ground director Donna Deitch (Desert Hearts) uses three stories to explore attitudes toward homosexuality in the fictional small town of Homer, Connecticut, over a period of almost half a century. "A Friend of Dorothy's" tells the story of a girl who returns to Homer in 1954 after leaving the Navy. When it emerges that she was discharged after being arrested in a gay bar, she is ostraci...

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Hollow Reed [VHS]

List price: $19.95

11 new, used & collectible available from $15.95.

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But I'm a Cheerleader [VHS]

7 new, used & collectible available from $12.50.

This candy-box colored of sexual discovery chronicles the life of Megan, a typical coming of age in anything but typical fashion. Megan's super normal suburban existence is filled with friends, pom-poms and rah-rah enthusiasm until her straight- laced parents suspect that their little "little poodle" may, in fact, be showing deviant tendencies. In complete panic, Megan's parents elicit the help of...

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Tales of the City - The Complete Series [VHS]

List price: $24.00

9 new & used available from $24.00.

"The City" in question is San Francisco, and the tales are novelist Armistead Maupin's, his romantic, affectionate, and spirited homage to the glory days of his hometown. Maupin's idea of SF's glory days isn't the drug-filled Summer of Love (1967), but rather the drug-filled lust-in of the late '70s. Replacing acid with coke and ludes, psychedelia for disco, this six-hour miniseries (which caused ...

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Suroh: Alien Hitchhiker [VHS]

3 new available from $180.13.

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Happy Together [VHS]

4 used available from $9.98.

Yiu-Fai and Po-Wing arrive in Argentina from Hong Kong and take to the road for a holiday. Something is wrong and their relationship goes adrift. A disillusioned Yiu-Fai starts working at a tango bar to save up for his trip home. When a beaten and bruised Po-Wing reappears, Yiu-Fai is empathetic but is unable to enter a more intimate relationship. After all, Po-Wing is not ready to settle down. Yi...

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Happy Birthday Gemini [VHS]

List price: $14.95

6 new & used available from $19.99.

This routine drama-comedy about the trials of walking out of the closet has some notable performances such as that of Madeleine Kahn as a salty, warm-hearted, and terribly promiscuous neighbor, and Robert Viharo as an outgoing father. Francis Geminiani (Alan Rosenberg) has a romance going with Judith (Sarah Holcomb) until he drops her after a few nights of intimacy. Besieged by guilt and misgiving...

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Object of My Affection [VHS]

List price: $1.66

52 new, used & collectible available from $1.66.

In this ultra-hip, multilayered comedy, triangles and emotional imbroglios take on a new meaning. Well, at least they try. Jennifer Aniston plays a straight woman who falls in love with a gay man (Paul Rudd). She invites him to move in with her just hours after they meet. As their friendship progresses, she learns she is pregnant, and wants Rudd to act as daddy to her newborn, much to the const...

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