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BBC Muzzy Spanish Early Advantage Set Language Course for Children

19 new, used & collectible available from $83.92.

Double case includes: Two (2) video cassettes in foreign language, two (2) video cassettes in english, two (2) audio cassettes in foreign language, a multilingual video script book, parent's instructional guide, mulitilingual interactive CD-Rom, plus bonus video cassette Vocabulary Builder with instructional guide....

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Blue's Clues - Reading with Blue [VHS]

List price: $9.95

17 new & used available from $94.98.

Multisyllabic words and reference volumes pique Blue's interest in this double episode focusing on vocabulary and books. But the inquisitive blue dog and her preschool audience have the effervescent Steve, a talking end table, and silent signing librarian Marlee Matlin to help them through this wordy lesson. In "Words," Steve and his pet plow through their Big Bag of Words, coming up with contrast...

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Blue's Clues - All Kinds of Signs [VHS]

List price: $9.95

10 new & used available from $49.98.

Guaranteed to work or your money back - PLEASE NOTE ALL MONIES FROM THIS SALE GO TO A 501 (C)3 NO KILL ANIMAL SHELTER...

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Street Smarts:Straight Talk for Kids [VHS]

List price: $9.99

1 new available from $9.99.

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Sharon, Lois & Bram: One Elephant Went Out to Play [VHS]

List price: $9.98

1 used available from $14.99.

Sharon, Lois & Bram: One Elephant Went Out to Play...

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Suicide: No Turning Back [VHS]

List price: $79.95

Learn why some people are more susceptible to suicidal tendencies than others are.  Various theories about what causes a person to take his or her own life are discussed.  Students will learn how to recognize pre-suicidal behaviors and they'll receive information about where they can seek help for themselves or for a friend. Award Winner: Aurora Awards Gold Award (2000), Chris Awards The Chris S...

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The Standard Deviants - Super Science Pack (Physics 1, Biology, Chemistry 1-3) [VHS]

4 new & used available from $45.00.

Save Money! The Standard Deviants Super Science Pack proves that science can be fun and easy! You get 5 tapes at a 20% discount: Physics Part 1, Biology and Chemistry Parts 1-3....

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Signing Made Easy [VHS]

List price: $1.99

18 new & used available from $1.99.

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Living Yoga - Power Stamina Yoga for Beginners [VHS]

List price: $12.99

17 new, used & collectible available from $9.00.

Power Stamina Yoga for Beginners will make you sweat--and that's the idea! Muscles stretch better when they're warm--and when you follow this demanding sequence of yoga positions, you will be. Power yoga is the rage among athletes such as runners, cyclists, and climbers, who find that it protects them from injury, promotes flexibility, and increases muscle strength and endurance. Based on the clas...

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Bee Smart Baby, Vocabulary Builder 5 [VHS]

List price: $10.00

7 new & used available from $9.99.

the video was produced in conjunction with a team of early childhood development experts to help you provide your child with essential early stimulation....

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