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MTV Killer Companion [VHS]

MTV Killer Companion [VHS]: more info

List price: $19.95

1 used available from $13.50

MTV, the most popular delivery system for music videos across the globe, is a welcome visitor in millions of homes. It has become the best friend and even baby-sitter for countless preteens and teens. With the alarming rise in youth violence, the effects of music videos on impressionable youth have come under suspicion. The violent nature of some Rap and Hard Rock videos is accused of causing an increase in violent behavior by desensitizing young people to its consequences. This program examines the possible links between music videos and the increase in youth violence in America....

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The Compleat Beatles [VHS]

The Compleat Beatles [VHS]: more info

List price: $14.95

4 new available from $39.98
13 used available from $1.62
8 collectible available from $9.91

This documentary chronicles the career of the "Fab Four"....

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The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald: The Legend of Grimace Island

The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald: The Legend of Grimace Island: more info

4 new available from $9.99
15 used available from $3.99
2 collectible available from $6.99

An animated video treasure for the whole family. THE LEGEND OF GRIMACE ISLAND is the second in a series of animated adventure videos starring Ronald McDonald, the Hamburglar and all their pals....

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Baby Animals Just Want to Have Fun [VHS]

Baby Animals Just Want to Have Fun [VHS]: more info

List price: $9.98

5 new available from $19.27
4 used available from $10.46

More of your favorite animals - as babies! Another adorable collection of educational wildlife footage for children and animal lovers. Whether they're bathing, playing, or just relaxing, these animals just want to have fun! If you like this video, be sure not to miss Baby Animals in the Wild....

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The Man Who Saw Tomorrow [VHS]

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow [VHS]: more info

List price: $19.98

8 used available from $33.75

Orson Welles narrates an incredible look at the prophecies of Nostradamus, whose amazing accuracy in predicting the future compels us to consider what his writings foretell us. Year: 1981 Director: Robert Guenette Starring: Orson Welles: Narrator...

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The Century-America's Time (Boxed Set) [VHS]

The Century-America's Time (Boxed Set) [VHS]: more info

List price: $30.85

21 new available from $15.00
20 used available from $7.44
3 collectible available from $29.19

Covering the entire 20th century in one video series is an ambitious project, but one that Peter Jennings and ABC News are up to. In The Century: America's Time, a 12-part documentary on six videotapes that is a companion to the book of the same name, Jennings guides us through a century of technology and advancement like no other. As he says in his introduction to episode 1, "Seeds of Change," "Unlike previous centuries where leadership was defined by royalty and other rulers, the 20th century more than any other was shaped by the will and actions of the common man." The series is a sweeping presentation of the United States of the 1900s and tries to encompass a mind-boggling amount of history. And while at moments the videos may leave you longing for more, Jennings does an excellent job of creating smooth segues between disparate pieces. The first episode, for instance, begins with th...

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Connections 3: 5 Pack [VHS]

Connections 3: 5 Pack [VHS]: more info
Author: John Black

2 used available from $39.98

This humorous and upbeat series shows that history is filled with seemingly unrelated discoveries that are actually connected in the most surprising ways. Host James Burke, the "scientific detective," continues to delight viewers as he explores the effects and origins of inventions and events that shape the modern world....

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Rediscovering the Labyrinth [VHS]

Rediscovering the Labyrinth [VHS]: more info
Author: Jim Jarrett

Discover the liberating power of the Labyrinth. This is the story of those who have been transformed along the path, and an invitation to you to join the dance. Rediscovering the Labyrinth is a moving documentary of real people whose lives have changed by walking the labyrinth. Stuck in a job he feels he cannot leave, a performer learns to trust his intuition. An artist unlocks his creative potential and embraces his true path. Faced with illness, a woman finds balance in body and spirit as she walks.     Join the Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress, author of Walking a Sacred Path, as she presents this treasured gift to all seekers. From ancient origins to contemporary applications, the labyrinth is a crucible for change, a blueprint for the sacred meeting of psyche and soul, a field of light, a cosmic dance....

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Arnold Palmer - Golf's Heart and Soul (3-Tape Set) [VHS]

Arnold Palmer - Golf's Heart and Soul (3-Tape Set) [VHS]: more info

3 new available from $9.95
2 used available from $4.00
1 collectible available from $14.99

The Golf Channel's definitive biography of Arnold Palmer takes viewers on an uncommon journey, from the golf legend's humble beginnings in the Pennsylvania foothills to his close friendships with presidents and kings. Personable and charismatic, Palmer set the golf world ablaze and remains one of its foremost ambassadors. Program highlights include candid, heartwarming conversations with Palmer and his family, plus never-before-seen photos, films, and interviews. The three-tape series includes Conversations with the King: A Behind the Scenes Look....

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Girl Groups [VHS]

Girl Groups [VHS]: more info

List price: $14.95

2 new available from $9.99
6 used available from $4.89
2 collectible available from $11.75

Take a trip back to mashed potatoes, party lights & da doo ron rons! Remember the girl groups of the 60s who sang their way into your hearts? The Shirelles, The Angels, The Ronettes, Martha & The Vandellas, The Shangri-Las, The Supremes, The Marvelettes? Here's your chance to relive the excitement of rock music's happiest era! Girl Groups traces the story of the dream girls, punctuating over 25 of their greatest hits with fascinating insights into what went on behind the scenes. Ronnie Spector of The Ronettes, Mary Wilson of The Supremes, Arlene Smith of The Shirelles & Darlene Love reminisce about their lives & careers, recalling the shrewd business people who discovered & packaged them--in tight jeans, miniskirts, sequins & feathers. Highlighted by rare original footage of the groups performing such hits as "My Boyfriend's Back," "My Guy," "Tell Him," "He's A Rebel," "Mr. Postman," "Be...

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