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The Complete Walking with... Collection [VHS]

4 new & used available from $199.96.

Finally all three programs from the Emmy Award-winning Walking with... series--Walking with Dinosaurs, Allosaurus: A Walking with Dinosaurs Special, and Walking with Prehistoric Beasts--are available for the first time as a collector's set. The epic begins with a journey back 65 million years ago to a virtual lost world which has been recreated with spectacular digital effects and animatronics. Th...

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Elvis Meets Nixon [VHS]

List price: $59.95

6 new & used available from $49.95.

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The Civil War (Ken Burns): 9 Video Boxed Set (Time Life Series)

18 new, used & collectible available from $37.00.

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Sky Above Mud Below (Sky Above and Mud Beneath / Le ciel et la boue) [VHS]

4 new & used available from $189.95.

"Remarkable and thrilling unique.. .a fascinating, memorable film" - Cue Magazine "One of the best, a remarkable feat" - New York Herald Tribune "The Sky Above, The Mud Below" is the incredible true story, filmed as it happened, of an expedition back in time to 7,000 years ago-to the Stone Age. In 1959 an international group of explorers set out to cross the most dangerous, uncharted jungles of...

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Thunder on the Rails: Trains of the Old West [VHS]

List price: $6.99

16 new & used available from $5.99.

A video journey on two legendary railroads of the West, the Virginia & Truckee and the Nevada Northern....

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Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet [VHS]

10 new & used available from $24.29.

Join Robert X Cringely in this much-anticipated sequel to Triumph of the Nerds, as he turns his well-informed and irreverent eye on the intriguing history of the Internet. Go deep into the bowels of the Pentagon to witness the birth of the Internet and follow its rapid rise to the cutting edge of the World Wide Web. On his journey, Cringely interviews the unknown nerds who laid the Internet's foun...

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Sinatra - The Best is Yet to Come [VHS]

8 new & used available from $19.50.

For avid Sinatra fans, this 1990 television special affords an affectionate portrait compiled through clips from his long rap sheet of films and iced with a frosting of sympathetic interviews and testimonials. But The Best Is Yet to Come struggles with inevitable irony in its title, precisely because of its vintage and genesis. Assembled during the twilight of his career, and designed more a...

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U.F.O.: The True Story of Flying Saucers [VHS]

1 used available from $14.99.

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Monet: Shadow & Light [VHS]

List price: $8.74

16 new & used available from $4.90.

Monet: Shadow and Light presents a rich portrayal of the trials of a struggling but stubborn Claude Monet and how a boy with budding talent shows him the importance of family. Set in 1869, five years before the Impressionist movement was recognized, 29 year-old Monet paints his view of the world while trying to support his young family with his art. Settling on the Seine near Paris, Monet discover...

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Moon Shot: The Inside Story of the Apollo Project (1994) [VHS]

List price: $19.98

18 new & used available from $16.98.

Astronauts Deke Slayton and Alan Shepherd tell the story of America's race for the moon, utilizing an untapped treasure of NASA tapes, home movies and never-before-seen footage of the Soviet space program.Starring: Deke Slayton, Alan Shepherd...

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