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Intimate Portrait: Jaclyn Smith [VHS]

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This Intimate Portrait is so well sourced that it's more revealing than the bikinis Charlie's Angels wore while brandishing guns. The biography of Jaclyn Smith is also a careful examination of Charlie's Angels, the late-1970s television series that was "the ER of its time." The actress gives a heartfelt interview, tearing up when she recounts the death of her beloved grandfather and in snippet...

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Paha Sapa: Struggle for the Black Hills [VHS]

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Saints & Sinners [VHS]

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Snakes - (1974 - aka "Holy Wednesday") [VHS]

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Wylie Avenue Days [VHS]

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The heyday of Pittsburgh’s Hill District lasted from the 1930’s through the 1950’s, and this eloquent documentary recaptures it all…the music clubs that attracted both black and white, the best Negro League baseball teams in America, the church picnics and family businesses that comprised the essence of life in this vibrant neighborhood....

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Bill Moyers: Circle of Recovery [VHS]

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Bill Moyers: Circle of Recovery - VHS Tape...

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Antietam: 135th Anniversary Commemorative Reenactment

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Hailed as "The Biggest and Best" by Civil War News...a monumental gathering of the largest army of reenactors and spectators ever assembled came together near Hagerstown, Maryland, to commemorate the 135th Anniversary of the Battle of Antietam. The story is told by the people who made it happen, from the transformation of the Artz farm to the Preservation March, a Civil War wedding and Dr. Pierre'...

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That's Action [VHS]

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Civil War Journal II - Set 2 (6pc) [VHS]

List price: $8.95

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The battles have been documented, the generals lionized. We have seen the turning points and the sacrifices. Now let CIVIL WAR JOURNAL II, the continuation of the bestselling series take you deeper, into the personal stories of the War Between the States. Through diaries, photographs, and factual re-enactments, you'll feel the private and intimate side of the bloody conflict in this epic se...

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WWF Lita: It Just Feels Right [VHS]

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VHS Cassette Tape Like New, Case in very good condition, Ships Fast usually the same day...

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