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Shaolin Dolemite

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Ultimate Puppet Master Collectable Trunk Blu-ray Box Set

List price: $299.95

1 new available from $299.95.

A detail replica of the mystical Andre Toulons travelling case from the Puppet Master franchise, Toulons Trunk is a stunning wood and metal-forged box set containing all 11 official Puppet Master films re-mastered on Blu-ray, a twelfth behind-the-scenes bonus disc, a mini Blade figure, collectible booklet and startling new cover artwork for each film! Bonus features include: Features Full Moon Tra...

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Laserblast Blu-ray (Collector's Edition)

List price: $24.95

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Crawling up from Full Moon's primordial ooze is Laserblast, a bona fide Charles Band classic and one of the weirdest science fiction tales ever told! Happy go-lucky Billy Duncan discovers an otherworldly laser gun in the southern California desert,making him the target of a pair of aliens (rendered in stop-motion by the late, great David Allen) who had recently executed its previous owner. As Bill...

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The Dolemite Explosion

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Dolemite [Blu-ray/DVD Combo]

List price: $22.49

12 new & used available from $14.48.

Dolemite (Rudy Ray Moore), the baddest pimp in town, has just been released from prison, ready to take revenge on notorious gangster Willie Green (D'Urville Martin), who set him up on a phony drug charge and stole his club, The Total Experience.With the help of his friend Queen Bee (Lady Reed) and their band of Kung Fu fighting vixens, Dolemite takes on every "rat soup eatin' motherf#%*er" in Sout...

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Puppet Master, Vol. 1 (Puppet Master / Puppet Master 2 / Puppet Master 3) [Blu-ray]

List price: $29.95

9 new & used available from $30.00.

All three films are included in this set....

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Fairy Tales Blu-ray

List price: $19.95

1 new available from $19.95.

Restored from its original 35mm negative, and released on Blu-ray, Fairy Tales is a titillating delight from the legendary Charles Band (Cinderella). Some day, her prince will COME! Little Bo Peep, Old King Cole, Little Tommy Tucker, Snow White, and many others, have all grown up and are ready for action! These enchanting characters from beloved nursery rhymes sing, dance, lust, and romance their ...

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Tourist Trap [Blu-ray]

List price: $19.95

18 new & used available from $12.90.

Teens break down near a desert madman's wax museum, full of lifelike dummies....

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The Legend of Dolemite

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