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Intuit Quicken Starter Edition 2012 - Windows

List price: $42.14

2 new available from $70.00.

Quicken Starter Edition personal finance software simplifies money management. It organizes your bank and credit cards in one place so you know where you stand. And the ability to downloads transactions from 12,000 financial institutions so you don't have to enter them manually. Automatically categorizes expenses so you can see where you are spending and where you can save. Alerts you to upcoming ...

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StockMarketEye 3 for Mac [Download]

List price: $59.95

1 new available from $59.95.

StockMarketEye is the simple solution for tracking and analyzing all of your investments in one place. By reviewing all of your investment portfolios together in one spot, you'll have better control of your investments and gain a better picture of your financial position. Getting started with StockMarketEye is easy using the brokerage import feature. You can import your current holdings and recen...

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Forex Trading For Beginners: Forex for Beginners Who Want To Learn To Trade Currency The Fun And Easy Way! (PC/MAC Computer DVD Based Training + FREE Streaming Version!)

1 new available from $45.99.

DO YOU WANT TO BE A FOREX TRADER?"Did you ever watch in awe as a Forex trader placed his or her trade and just a short time later was sitting on a good amount of cash and wished you could do the same? Well, now you can join those successful traders and experience the excitement and financial rewards that come with being able to consistently profit from the Forex market! LEARN THE EASY WAY! Dr. Ri...

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Quicken Premier Personal Finance & Budgeting Software 2015 [Old Version]

List price: $104.95

1 new available from $89.99.

Make Smart Investment Decisions, Save Time on Taxes...

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Quicken Deluxe 2011 - [Old Version]

3 new & used available from $149.99.

With Quicken Deluxe personal finance software you can set goals and save more. Organizes all your accounts - bank, credit card, investments, loans, retirement accounts - all in one place. Downloads transactions from over 12,000 banks so you don't have to enter them manually. Automatically categorizes expenses so you can see where you're spending and where to save. Helps you create a budget and tra...

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2006 TurboTax Home and Business Federal Win/Mac [OLDER VERSION]

List price: $79.95

2 new available from $109.99.

TurboTax Home & Business 2006 gives you the guidance you need to simplify your Schedule C and maximize your tax savings. Includes everything you need for your self-employment and personal income taxes. Expanded interview guides you step-by-step through Schedule C, categorizing business expenses, home office deductions, depreciation and more. Includes official IRS business publications and expert...

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QuickBooks Pro 2004 5-User

3 new & used available from $895.00.

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Chebyshev Trend Pro for Windows Desktop [Download]

1 new available from $0.00.

Chebyshev Trend Pro for Windows Desktop gives you the real, underlying trends of all the stocks showing in Yahoo Finance, Google Finance and ForEx including FXCM. Save stock symbols in groups, adjust trend dates, get buy and sell signals using different methods, compare with other indicators and even predict future using Fourier extrapolation! Everything you need to keep an eye on your portfolio i...

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Quicken Premier 2016 Personal Finance & Budgeting Software [Old Version]

List price: $102.99

1 new available from $102.99.

Quicken Premier Personal Finance & Budgeting Software gives you the information you need to make smart investment decisions and simplify taxes. Organizes all your accounts in one place. Helps you stay on top of spending and budgeting. Analyzes your portfolio. Shows your returns over time and provides market comparisons. Tracks tax deductions and creates tax reports. Access your personal finance da...

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TaxCut 2005 Premium + State [OLD VERSION]

3 new available from $10.50.

Loaded with extra tools and advice to help you save money on your taxes. Offering truly premium features where they matter most, H&R Block TaxCut Premium is for users with more complex tax returns. Ideal for rental property owners, investors and families looking for tax advantages not found in either TaxCut Standard or TaxCut Deluxe. Getting the biggest tax refund means getting the most from itemi...

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