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Breeders Edge Foster Care Feline Powdered Milk Replacer 4.5 Lb for kittens & cats

List price: $64.99

1 new available from $64.99.

Breeders' Edge Foster Care Feline Milk Replacer is a nutritionally balanced milk replacer that gives your kittens the support they need when the queen's milk is not enough. Contains all the essential amino acids necessary to help with tissue growth, repair and maintenance. The lower levels of lactose make it easy to tolerate, reducing GI irritation, diarrhea and vomiting. Contains increased levels...

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Bayer Tempo Ultra Premise Insect Repellent Spray, 240ml

List price: $59.99

3 new available from $67.87.

The active ingredient in TEMPO SC Ultra is beta-cyfluthrin, which is powerful against pests with no odor and less visible residue. It allows for more even disbursement during application. Tempo SC Ultra effectively controls a broad spectrum of indoor, outdoor and turf and ornamental pests. Makes up to 30 gallons for indoor use and treats 30,000 sq. ft. outdoors. Tempo SC Ultra effectively controls...

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Oxbow Animal Health Simple Rewards Timothy Treat for Pets, 1.4-Ounce

List price: $5.00

15 new available from $3.13.

Everyone knows that fiber is crucial to a small pet’s diet. At oxbow, they think taste should be too. That’s why they’ve created simple rewards timothy treats. Made of high-quality, fiber-rich timothy grass hay, oxbow treats offer the fresh timothy flavor and aroma animals love. They’re as wholesome as they are delicious, too. Use timothy treats to add variety and enrichment to your pet’...

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Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay for Pets, 25-Pound

List price: $58.85

4 new available from $37.91.

Looking for a good, basic grass hay with high quality nutrition and a fresh Fragrance that's irresistible to small herbivores? oxbow western timothy hay is the ideal long-strand fiber source for keeping small Animal digestive tracts functioning properly. With high fiber, low protein and low calcium content, it is widely recommended by veterinarians....

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List price: $22.48

2 new available from $21.41.

Parvosol II RTU Disinfectant- Gallon Agri-Labs A ready-to-use quaternary ammonium chloride cleanser, deodorizer and disinfectant. Effective against most pathogenic organisms found in veterinary clinics hospitals including Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Pse...

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AirFree P1000 Filterless Air Purifier

List price: $219.00

17 new available from $174.99.

"Airfree Filterless Air Purifier: This patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology destroys mold, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollens, pet dender, tobacco and other organic allergens. Airfree also reduces indoor harmful ozone levels. It is perfect for mold contaminated areas as well as asthma and allergy sufferers. Airfree’s exclusive technology is completly silent and does not require any filters ...

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Heavy Duty Dog Door

List price: $98.00

4 new available from $98.00.

The only two-way dog door on the market with "special" heavy-duty spring loaded hinges that provide a positive weather seal! When your dog goes "out" the door, the inner clear plexiglass panel and the outer welded aluminum frame move. When your dog goes in the door, the welded aluminum outer frame stays stationary and only the inner clear plexiglass panel moves. The 12-1/2" x 17-1/2" opening of th...

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Millers Forge Stainless Steel Pins Designer Series Soft Slicker Pet Grooming Brush, Large

List price: $15.77

6 new available from $12.24.

Millers Forge designer series soft slicker pet grooming brush feature sleek european styling, an extremely light handle shaped for comfort and high-quality stainless steel pins. These Millers Forge pet grooming brush are a favorite with groomers. Featherweight lightness helps reduce hand fatigue. Comes in large size. Overall brushhead measures are 4-3/4-inch length by 2-1/2-inch width and pin surf...

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Kaolin Pectin gallon

List price: $6.95

2 new available from $6.95.

Oral suspension for controlling non-infectious diarrhea in cats, dogs, horses & cattle. Dogs & cats 1-3 Tbsp every 1-3 hrs; foals 3-4oz every 2-3 hrs and horses 6-10oz every 2-3hrs. Repeat until condition shows improvement....

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Exo Terra Compact Top Canopy for PT2613 - 90 cm

List price: $59.94

7 new available from $59.94.

The Exo Terra Compact Top Canopy is a compact fluorescent terrarium canopy designed for use with the Exo Terra Natural Terrarium. This easy to install canopy accommodates compact fluorescent bulbs or low-wattage incandescent bulbs. A combination of different Exo Terra Repti-Glo compact fluorescent bulbs can be used to create the ideal ultraviolet/visual light ratio or a combination with an incande...

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